Dr. Brian O'Leary - Former NASA Astronaut, Scientist

“I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that no existing energy technology held credible by the mainstream can offer a solution that is even close to satisfying the criteria we need to meet the global demand for energy that is compatible with our survival. Only innovation can provide the answer.”

The Energy Solution Revolution

Dr. Brian O’Leary’s latest book is an accurate account of the current energy delimma we are now facing here early in the 21st century. Recommended reading for anyone interested in understanding more about the new energy technology and it’s promise.

“The issues you address in this book are about the most important ones facing humanity today. Your amicable and engaging style is consistent throughout your writings.” – Wade Frasier

“Nuclear power. Carbon sequestration at coal plants. Ethanol-from-corn. Other kinds of biofuels. Carbon cap-and-trading. Hybrid cars. Gas-turbine micropower. Efficient powerplants. Hydrogen economy. Hydropower. Geothermal energy. Solar. Wind. Tides. Waves. Ocean thermal gradients.” “Which one(s) of these will solve the climate crisis and give us a significant push towards sustainability? The sobering answer to any truthful inquiry, I am sorry to say, is none of the above. We, in our mainstream discourse, are almost literally tilting at windmills.” - Dr. Brian O’Leary

A recent interview with Dr. O’Leary – Part 1

A recent interview with Dr. O’Leary – Part 2

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