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PPSFront_sm2 Q:  What's in your magic box?

A:  The image on our website is a conceptual rendering and roughly represents what the first machine may look like once a facility is in place to manufacturer initial units. "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke

Q:  Can you show in detail the interior workings of the energy machine?

A:  It's not possible to show detail of the interior of production units as they are not yet available.  The principles employed in these machines are best described as related to quantum particles and their properties of fields and flows. This is natural occurring phenomenon and does not entail harmful radiation as do other forms of power generation. You can however, see full details of many earlier prototypes in our video gallery.

Q:  If  it has no conventional input fuel and doesn't utilize the sun, wind, batteries or other alternative source, where does the power come from?

A:  Electric power is essentially derived from the quantum field. No input fuel is needed. "Throughout space there is energy. Is this energy static or kinetic! If static, our hopes are in vain; if kinetic - and this we know it is, for certain - then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of Nature." - Nikola Tesla, 1892

Q:  Are you familiar with WITTS Ministry and their technology?

A:  Indeed, we have evaluated many promising devices and have found among all that we could identify, WITTS was far ahead with their working knowledge and experience in building new quantum energy machines.  This is why we've joined with WITTS in this humanitarian effort. 
Going forward you'll be seeing more examples of working prototypes and the past work of WITTS.  Enlightened Technology was formed for the purpose of promoting the awareness and raising the funding necessary to bring out new technology such as this. This can all be done more quickly as people worldwide organize themselves behind this cause at a grassroots level. Check how you can help us with new hardware for demonstrations! Follow this link!

Q: Your claims to have a free energy power source are not believable based on your videos or web site information.

A: Enlightened Technology is currently a volunteer organization and has very limited resources to utilize. The videos provided by our partner WITTS, as well as the featured prototype machines, are all produced by volunteers working with virtually no budget. Many years ago WITTS did have substantial funds to develop much of their hardware. However, various groups and special interests who came to review the breakthrough technology saw it as threatening and instead of helping, they effectively suppressed and sabotaged efforts to market and sell end user applications. This is a common theme among so-called disruptive technology and if you spend time researching this, you will find substantial evidence of this repeating theme. Although we've never personally met Wade Frazier, his website documents much of what we've come to understand first hand and I encourage anyone to read his page The Free Energy Conundrum. Also please check out former astronaut Dr. Brian O'Leary's website who has written extensively on new energy technology and the challenge to shift paradigms.

Q: If you had such technology you would not have trouble getting the 12,000 USD that you say you need.

A: This is no doubt a perplexing situation.  I can assure you we've examined and tested the technology closely and it does indeed perform and exist. Since only recently has it been allowed to be made public, most people don't believe it can be real. The modest $12K goal is one we created to fund the construction of a small portable device that could be shown to small groups without having to travel to WITTS for a personal presentation. WITTS has a policy of requesting a donation before dedicating time and resources preparing demo upon demo. Many people don't agree with their policy but it is their method of separating the "tire kickers" from those genuinely interested.

Q: You must realize by now that you would have the most important invention known to mankind if your claims were real or true.

A: We do indeed think these inventions are extremely important.  They are real and true. That's why came into being. The website, hosting, content, videos, etc., are all brought together using personal time and money. Just as the public has a difficult time believing the technology exists, we here at ET have an equally difficult time figuring out why people's beliefs are so closed-minded they won't investigate or donate to this cause to find out for themselves. The public readily sends money to cancer foundations or relief organizations with polished advertisements and professional marketing, rarely do they question how their dollars are spent. Here we have working hardware prototypes that are available to be seen, yet few take the first step to seeing or checking things themselves.

Q: The so called independent testimonials you present by others have no merit and don't help to validate your claims. In fact, one of the testimonials is a doctor. Surely he realizes that if what you claim is true that he would gladly give you the 12,000 you request by 3/30/2010.

A: We have personally spoken with a few of the engineers featured in the testimonials.  They are as perplexed and frustrated as everyone else. The PhD's who have witnessed the technology had done so a number of years ago when speaking of these things would have been detrimental to their careers. Just as "cold fusion" was derided, marginalized and ridiculed when it was first announced in 1989, new energy technology has been equally taboo in the mainstream science communities. If you read more recent information on cold fusion you will find plenty of evidence indicating successful replications and excess heat has been found on numerous occasions. See Dr. Eugene Mallove's writing on the subject here. The complete testimonials and many more are available here.

Q: I believe that it's possible to get free energy from a magnet generator which is what I believe that you have. I have only seen one other inventor that has taken the generator to the level that you appear to be at. Here is their video They have their invention patented in every country that matters. Does your invention conflict with their patent? Is your invention patentable?

A: There are various styles of free energy generators WITTS has developed. The small delay line motor on YouTube does indeed incorporate small magnets. The larger 2000 watt generator shown on YouTube does not utilize permanent magnets. WITTS had developed these particular devices many years ago, likely before some of these other machines became known. They are based on principles that have been around for decades. Not only due to the significant funds required to write and file patents, but the U.S. Patent Office routinely denies applications for free energy devices. Patents also become tools for those with resources to manipulate and influence economics and politics in corporate frameworks. Reference Dr. Brian O'Leary's article Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest.

Q: I would need to see the generator for myself before any money leaves my account.

A: It appears the paradox continues. The public doesn't want to contribute to something they can't see and touch, whereas the hardware can't be built without funds to buy parts, materials and equipment. This recurring mindset self-enforces the suppression and obscurity of these devices. It is our belief here at ET there will be a handful of insightful individuals that raise to the occasion and provide the modest means required to get the ball rolling.

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