In the Beginning

Enlightened Technology was founded in September of 2009 in response to a basic need to educate the public and promote breakthrough technologies that address critical challenges to our long term sustainability on the planet. Although many relevant technologies have been discovered over the previous century, those most significant were effectively suppressed by various factors including governmental national security, powerful industry, and a society who's education and beliefs do not allow for the existence of advanced devices.

Indeed, one's own framework of beliefs is seemingly the biggest obstacle yet to overcome before new energy can proliferate into the homes of people everywhere. To educate and open the mind, even slightly, will lead the way toward fundamental shifts in technology, prosperity and abundance.

Quantum Electric Generator

Our Vision

  • To raise awareness of leading methods in energy technology, eliminating need for fuel or weather conditions,
  • To enhance the quality of life for all of humanity and the planet's fragile ecosystems,
  • To produce this leading edge technology free of corporate profiteering, political control, or corruption,
  • To distribute these New Technologies viably to the public, at affordable cost to all,
  • To save substantial dollars, reducing "dirty" electricity, by adopting green power made right at home.
  • To remain a grassroots, co-operative, public initiative, managed, funded, and maintained as such.

Enlightened Technology isn't about benefiting a corporation, board members or stock holders. There's more at stake. The world must undergo fundamental shifts if we're to live on planet earth for the longer term. Please check out a few words from our founder.

We are currently making preparations for building a new demonstration machine to be used for public awareness and additional exposure. Please help us make it happen!