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Change Your Mind, Change the World.

Help us build a quantum energy demonstration unit. Get Involved!

We are asking you to contribute any amount you feel you are able. It only takes a small group of people working together to make real progress toward this goal. Soon we will be announcing an exciting new plan that will help raise awareness of these new quantum technologies. Please signup for our newsletter where we will release announcements of new developments. We hope that you’ll become involved with a contribution.

-Gregg Martin, Campaign Director

Quantum electric generator

Electricity - No Fuel Required!
This changes everything!

Help us in bringing PROSPERITY to the People of the World and Future Generations! Please, get a feel for the content on our website and sign up for the newsletter.  We have a very exciting plan for our supporters and want you to have a hand in helping get free energy to the world.

New to the concept of free Quantum Energy?

Please take time to watch Dr. Brian O'Leary, former NASA Astronaut and Scientist. He speaks about the importance of embracing Free Energy solutions as we sit at the crossroads of survival. Even experts shouldn't miss this interview.  Click here.

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- E.T. Team

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