Hemisphere Device – Quantum Engineering

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  1. It would be great to know how soon you would have this type of energy available for mass production. Where would you want to have your plant set up? How many people would you be employing at the beginning and as you expand? As a governor candidate for 2010 election, I wish to bring innovative businesses to South Carolina. Would this interest you?

  2. Bil says:

    It has a lot of issues between now and actually being used on a widespread basis

  3. BlogAdmin says:

    @Bil, I’d guess those issues are less about the technology and more about socio-economic landscape we’ve created for ourselves. Care to expand on your comment?

  4. Paul says:

    The knowledge was not “lost” it was actively suppressed by legal manuevers, financial moves,threats,physical violence, and if that didn’t work murder. The people that benefit from the manipulation of energy technology are not interested in improving life on earth just control for their own purposes. Everthing you show was known by scientists 100, maybe 10,000 years ago but the “Powers that Be” keep this knowledge “secret”.

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