Quantum Energy Activism: Easy for a Snowman

I want to thank everyone who has emailed us and volunteered their help towards this project so far! It truly will take a community effort to get quantum energy out to the world;  from our perspective we see many many wonderful people wanting to get involved, offering their support, and taking the initiative to champion new creative projects!

There has never been a better time for quantum energy, everyday it seems we are witnessing leaps and bounds for the benefit of all free energy inventors and their advocates. Things are getting off to a GREAT start for us, and things are falling in our lap everyday!  In the spirit of our appreciation, and in light of  extraordinary weather here in Texas; we were graced by the appearance of this jovial snowman activist!

His existence may be short lived, but his message is eternal! We at Enlightened Technology salute his great work, and hope to see him again in his future frozen incarnations.

Thank-you all for helping in what we have accomplished together so far. The future is looking very bright for all of us, and the time for further action is NOW !   -Gregg Martin, ET Campaign Director

Quantum Snow Man

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4 Responses to “Quantum Energy Activism: Easy for a Snowman”

  1. Farlan says:

    This is real cool, especially this winter….
    should we not be using compact florescent lighting by now? very easy on the watts.

  2. BlogAdmin says:

    Actually, LED lighting may be more sustainable long term. Once quantum electric power becomes more commonplace, wattage will not be the focus of practicality. Instead maybe the overall detrimental impact on living systems will be a more appropriate guide to usability.

  3. mark says:

    we need a free energy movement like the tea party that focus on zero point energy and cold fusion technology.

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